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Neologism, Vogue
Neologism, Vogue word
Korean Pronunciation Meaning
솔까말 sol-kka-mal
갈비 kal-bi
사대악 sa-dae-ak
쌔끈녀 ssae-kkŭn-nyŏ
어깨깡패 ŏ-kkae-kkang-pae
경단녀 kyŏng-dan-nyŏ
호빠 ho-ppa Abbreviation of host bar
뿌잉뿌잉 ppu-ing-ppu-ing Act charming with two grasped fists beside cheeks.
고나리질 ko-na-ri-jil Act to intervene excessively to try to raise the evaluation of favorite entertainers.
공항패션 kong-hang-pae-syŏn Airport Fashion
올인 o-rin All in
올킬 ol-kil All Kill
초딩 cho-ding An elementary school student
몰빵 Mol bbang Applying all, concentrated investment
우주만큼 u-ju-man-kŭm As space
뒷담화 twit-ttam-hwa Backbiting, and speak ill of others behind
발연기 pal-lyŏn-gi Bad acting (foot acting)
커플통장 kŏ-pŭl-tong-jang bankbook
행쇼 haeng-syo be happy
해외직구 hae-oe-jik-kku Be purchased by ordering directly from the overseas site
짐승돌 chim-sŭng-dol Beast idol of strong feeling and powerful to show on stage.
끝판왕 Best ability companions in a certain field
생파 saeng-pa Birthday party
썩소 ssŏk-sso Bitter smile
흑형 hŭ-kyŏng Black brother
개드립 kae-dŭ-rip boring or non-sense ad-lib and gag
멍때리다 mŏng-ttae-ri-da bots
빵터지다 ppang-tŏ-ji-da Burst out laughing, LOL
버터페이스 pŏ-tŏ-pe-i-sŭ But her face
뽀샵 Bbo shop By correcting the pictures using Photoshop
넘사벽 nŏm-sa-byŏk cannot overcome
양카 yang-ka Car that is decorated worse and looks too weird.
닥본사 tak-ppon-sa Catch the premiere, I see a production always
매력남 mae-ryŏng-nam Charming man
시크하다 shi-k'ŭ-ha-da chic
치맥 chi-maek chicken and beer
깔끔남 kkal-kkŭm-nam Clean man
클럽녀 kŭl-lŏm-nyŏ Club woman
코쿤족 ko-kun-jok Cocoon group
뉴비 nyu-bi Contempt the newcomer, words that are used in the sense that or look down.
콩불 kong bul Cooking the beans sprouts and pork fried on the griddle
까리하다 Gga ri ha da Cool, Awesome
살아있네 sa-ra-in-ne Cool, awesome
잘생쁘다 chal-saeng-ppŭ-da Cool, beautiful, cute, cute parentheses
큐레이슈머 kyu-re-i-syu-mŏ Curasumer
귀요미 kwi-yo-mi Cute, cute child
똑딱이 ttok-tta-gi Digital camera
디지털 치매 ti-ji-tŏl-chi-mae Digital dementia
여풍당당 yŏ-pung-dang-dang Dignified woman style
탈골녀 tal-gol-lyŏ Dislocation woman.
드립 tŭ-rip Disorganized speech
디스 ti-sŭ disrespect
돌싱 tol-ssing Divorced man or woman
건어물녀 kŏ-nŏ-mul-lyŏ Dried fish woman (dried fish woman)
얼리버드족 ŏl-li-bŏ-dŭ-jok early bird
먹방 mŏk-ppang Eating broadcast
갤러리맨 kael-lŏ-ri-maen Employees emotional attachment is thin in the workplace
육이오 yu-gi-o Enemy, When you work up to 62 years old
질소과자 chil-sso-gwa-ja Excessive packaging; nitrogen package snack
열폭 yŏl-pok Exploded jealousy of inferiority complex.
청글 chŏng-gŭl Face a neat, body Glamour person
사생팬 sa-saeng-paen Fans who chase the private life of the entertainer
패완얼 pae-wa-nŏl Fashion is finished with face
호감형 ho-gam-hyŏng Favorably and seen personality
SNS 피로증후군 e-sŭ-aen-e-sŭ pi-ro-jŭng-hu-gun feel fatigue because of too much using of SNS
생강녀 saeng-gang-nyŏ Female life force is strong
앱테크 App tech Financial Technology with application of different medias
불금 pul-gŭm Fire Friday, burning Friday
내숭녀 nae-sung-nyŏ Flirt Woman
꽃중년 kkot-tchung-nyŏn Flower middle-aged
짤방 tchal-bang For deletion prevention
포미족 po-mi-jok For me group
사포세대 sa-po-se-dae Four give-ups generation
사차원 sa-cha-wŏn Four-dimensional. A person with own unique world understandable impossible.
갓수 kat-ssu Free and peaceful like life God without any job
어장관리 ŏ-jang-gwal-li Friendzone
오나전 o-na-jŏn Full, too much
대세 tae-se General trend
오포세대 o-po-se-dae Generation to give up five things in the life.
잠수(를) 타다 cham-su ta-da Get off the rid, contact is interrupted
금겹살 kŭm-gyŏp-ssal Gold Meat
꿀팁 kkul-tip good idea
꿀영입 kkul-lyŏng-ip Good scout (good acquisition)
그루밍족 kŭ-ru-ming-jok Grooming group
훈남 hun-nam Healing of man who looks can make your heart warm.
훈녀 hun-nyŏ Healing of woman who looks can make your heart warm
기럭지 ki-rŏk-tchi Height, length of leg
몰카 mol-ka Hidden camera, Frank
하이파이브 ha-i-pa-i-bŭ high five
히피족 hi-pi-jok Hippie group
허브족 hŏ-bŭ-jok Hub group
현기차 hyŏn-gi-cha Hyundai cars and Kia Motors, Hyundai (HYUNDAI) representation to call together the car and Kia (KIA)
삼팔선 sam-pal-ssŏn I retired from the company about age 38 of years
이케아 세대 i-ke-a se-dae IKEA generation
불펌 pul-pŏm Illegal copy
썸타다 ssŏm-ta-da I'm in a future likely to develop into a love situation
불륜녀 pul-lyul-lyŏ immoral woman
인서울 in-sŏ-ul In Seoul
청순녀 chŏng-sun-nyŏ Innocent and neat woman
관심종결자 kwan-shim-jong-gyŏl-tcha Interest finalizer
물고기방 mul-kko-gi-bang Internet cafe
남소 nam-so Introduction of man of friend
직관 chik-kkwan intuition
대박 tae-bak Jackpot
카카오톡 ka-ka-o-tok kakaotalk
카카오빵 ka-ka-o-ppang Kakaotalk bread
김떡순 kim-ttŏk-ssun Kimbab, Toppoki, Sundae
김치녀 kim-chi-nyŏ Kimchi woman
코리아구스 ko-ri-a-gu-sŭ Koreagoose, that imitations of Canada Goose.
일뽕 il-ppong Korean love Japan
낑깡족 kking-kkang-jok Kumquat group
고고씽 ko-go-ssing Let’s go
장발족 chang-bal-tchok Long hair group
볼매 pol-mae Looks more attractive as I see you
루저 ru-jŏ loser
폐인족 pye-in-jok Loser group
삼포세대 sam-po-se-dae Love, marriage, expressed the social situation of the modern to abandon the birth words
대인배 tae-in-bae Magnanimity is large
악플 ak-pŭl Malicious comments
몰링족 mol-ling-jok Malling group
가싶남 ka-shim-nam Man attractive enough to want to lover
신몰남 shin-mol-lam Man chosen by God
개념남 kae-nyŏm-nam man has a Concept, a man with a common sense.
간지남 kan-ji-nam Man of good feeling
밀크남 mil-kŭ-nam Man of sweet mask
포모남 po-mo-nam Man who does not know to give up
엄친딸 ŏm-chin-ttal Meaning of mom’s friends’ daughter
대략난감 tae-ryang-nan-gam Meaning of the “confused, troubled, and puzzled.
상남자 sang-nam-ja Meaning that manly man, a real man of among the man.
품절남 pum-jŏl-lam Men already married to a certain charm
능청남 nŭng-chŏng-nam Men can has some cleaning ability
썸씽남 ssŏm-ssing-nam men younger than friends than lovers
멘붕 men-bung Mental collapse
멘토 mento Mentor
소맥 so-maek Mixed soju and beer Liquor.
대포폰 tae-po-pon Mobile phone is opened in the name of someone else
십덕후 ship-ttŏ-ku More powerful nerd of the thing than nerd.
모닝족 mo-ning-jok Morning group
대세돌 tae-se-dol Most popular idol now
나오미족 na-o-mi-jok Naomi group
자뻑 cha-ppŏk Narcissist
모태 미녀 mo-tae mi-nyŏ Natural beauty
딩크족 ting-kŭ-jok New family form that two incomes to is not born a child.
나토족 na-to-jok No Action Talking Only
안생겨요 an-saeng-gyŏ-yo No lover.
생얼 saeng-ŏl No makeup, face without any cosmetic
부카니스탄 pu-ka-ni-sŭ-tan North Korea's derogatory term
비추 pi-chu Not recommended
나우족 na-u-jok Now group
오렌지족 o-ren-ji-jok Orange group
캥거루족 kaeng-gŏ-ru-jok Parasite Single
시월드 shi-wŏl-dŭ Parents/family of husband
희망고문 hi-mang-go-mun Partner and to have a desired, giving pain.
열정페이 yŏl-tchŏng-pe-i Passion Pay
토페인 to-pe-in People of the state cannot find the jobs to increase the number of
공시족 kong-shi-jok People prepare the various civil service test
일베충 il-be-chung People who are active in the community site
코피스족 ko-pi-sŭ-jok People who work in the smartphone and PC coherency shop
멘탈갑 men-tal-gap People with a strong mental power
귀차니스트 kwi-cha-ni-sŭ-tŭ person easy to be tried, just want to rest
차도남 cha-do-nam picky and arrogant man
갑질 kap-tchil power harassment
미존 mi-jon Presence is tremendous
안구 정화 an-gu jŏng-hwa Purification for the eyes
읽씹 Read and ignored
레알 re-al real
짱시룸 tchang-shi-rum Really hate
오육도 o-ryuk-tto Remaining in the company in the age of more than 56 years old.
막장 mak-tchang Ridiculous situation
로하스족 ro-ha-sŭ-jok Rojas group
루비족 ru-bi-jok Ruby group
먹튀 mŏk-twi Run away after eating.
웃픈 ut-pŭn Sad but hilarious
새드엔딩 sae-dŭ-en-ding sad ending
샐러던트 sael-leo-deon-teu Saladent
월급루팡 wŏl-gŭm-nu-pang Salary thief
삼성고시 sam-sŏng-go-shi Samsung Electronics joined test
놀토 Nol Toe Saturday to rest
돌직구 tol-jik-kku Say straight, say to Admit
뾰롱뾰롱하다 Bbyo rong Bbyo rong ha da Say that it is reluctant to put into something.
셀카 sel-ka selfie
셀카봉 sel-ka-bong selfie stick
낚시글 nak-ssi-kkŭl Sentence and title for eye-catching of Internet users.
안습 an-sŭp Shame
쉐어슈머 swe-ŏ-syu-mŏ Sharesumer
셔플 댄스 syŏ-pŭl taen-sŭ shuffle dance
tchang Slang to mean the best, young words
날도남 nal-do-nam Slim urban male
스마트폰 노안 sŭ-ma-tŭ-pon no-an Smartphone presbyopia
고뤠 ko-rwe So?
정줄놓 chŏng-jul-lot Stands for (정신 줄 을 놓다 /Jeongsin juleol nota). Care is missing to be a dazed.
왤케 wael-ke Stands for 왜 이렇게 (why so)
먹방 스타 mŏk-ppang sŭ-'a Star who eats look deliciously.
별다방 pyŏl-da-bang Starbucks
강추 kang-chu strong recommendation
대포자 tae-po-ja Students who abandoned the university
열공 yŏl-gong study hard
만찢남 man-tching-nam Such as having gone out from the girl’s cartoon.
갑툭튀 kap-tuk-twi Suddenly appear
소득 절벽 so-dŭk chŏl-byŏk Suddenly that income is less
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