"Free and peaceful like life God without any job" means "갓수" in Korean.

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Pronunciation kat-ssu
meaning Free and peaceful like life God without any job
"Free and peaceful like life God without any job" is "갓수"(kat-ssu) in Korean.
" free like God" is called as 갓수 (Gatsu) in Korean.
갓수(Gatsu) is compound of the English word 'GOD' (갓) which means "God", Bum which means jobless person, Back-su (백수). It says the people who are Bum(jobless people) are much better than the people who are in the office, who exposed to stress at work, while sending a social life with bitter taste, because Bum(jobless people) are enjoying their freedom. The people who are enjoying life looks GOD so they says the Bums are similar to God. This word 갓수(Gatsu)is using when Bum is depreciate themselves or Office people are envying the bums.
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