"Mobile phone is opened in the name of someone else" means "대포폰" in Korean.

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Pronunciation tae-po-pon
meaning Mobile phone is opened in the name of someone else
Mainly by the mobile phone used in crime, it is made in the name of another person, such as homeless, the purpose of a mobile which is made to be impossible to identify the user. 대포 has the meaning of exaggerated or lie in the words that came out of a cannon. It is also used in such 대포 통장(fake checkbook) and 대포차 (fake).
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  • Korean of "Mail, telephone"

  • 지역 번호(local code)
  • 휴대 전화(mobile telephone)
  • 화상 전화(videophone)
  • 스마트폰(smartphone)
  • 대포폰(Mobile phone is opened i..
  • 스마트폰 노안(Smartphone presbyopi..
  • 전화번호(telephone number)
  • 전화를 걸다(make a phone call)
  • 국제 전화(international call)
  • 전화(telephone)
  • 전파(radio wave)
  • 어디세요(who's calling, please?)
  • 누구세요(Who is it?)
  • 통신비(communication expenses)
  • 시외 통화(toll call)
  • 공중전화(public telephone)
  • 전화를 하다(telephone)
  • 통화 중(in a call)
  • 전화가 오다(telephone rings)
  • 수화기(receiver)
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