"Swan family" means "스완족" in Korean.

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Pronunciation sŭ-wan-jok
meaning Swan family
"Swan family" is "스완족"(sŭ-wan-jok) in Korean.
스완 족 (Swanjok) of 스완 is 'SWAN (Strong Woman Achiever, No Spouse)' and represents, 족 written as "family" or “group”. Originally is said to be a concept that has been used in the United States, meaning "ability is there profession of unmarried women who take enterprising behavior". In order to have the economic strength, it is considered as a marketing target as purchasing layer. Self-development ( 자기계발 ) not only be able to work and you do not neglect even care to beauty. For example, by using the time of the lunch break, you can go to academy of English, even or made a little nip and tuck, such as filler treatment.
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  • 견본품(samples)
  • 프렌차이즈(franchise)
  • 문을 닫다(close)
  • 트윈슈머(Twinsumer)
  • 견본(specimen)
  • 정기 휴일(regular holiday)
  • 수출하다(export)
  • 특전(benefit)
  • 땡처리(Many things to sell with..
  • 수입품(import)
  • 개점하다(open up)
  • 개장()
  • 루비족(Ruby group)
  • 나우족(Now group)
  • 착한 가격()
  • 소비자(consumer)
  • 몰링족(Malling group)
  • 쉐어슈머(Sharesumer)
  • 자판기(vending machine)
  • 영업시간(business hours)
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