"Good scout (good acquisition)" means "꿀영입" in Korean.

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Pronunciation kkul-lyŏng-ip
meaning Good scout (good acquisition)
"Good scout (good acquisition)" is "꿀영입"(kkul-lyŏng-ip) in Korean.
"Good scout (good scout), good acquisition" is called as 꿀 영입 (Ggul young ip) in Korea. It is compound word of 꿀 (Ggul, honey) + 영입 (Young ip, welcomed scout acquisition), meaning a good scout. Recently 꿀 it with the (coming) in front of the word, there is a tendency to use in reconstituted good sense of good-amazing. For example, 꿀 복근 (Ggul bok gun, nice abs), 꿀 피부 (Ggul pi bu, good skin)
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