"Kimchi woman" means "김치녀" in Korean.

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Pronunciation kim-chi-nyŏ
meaning Kimchi woman
"Kimchi woman" is called as 김치녀 (Kimchi nyeo) in Korea.
The kimchi woman (김치녀), the woman who like all the burden depends on the men in dating and romance, economic against man, neologism that came to be known in 2014 with words that say look down in marriage. So far Dating expenses generally men bear, but speech like to disdain the man in romantic relationship had been rampant, so as to be repulsive to this trend, in the words that came to be known nationwide. Economically call to look down on a woman to live in luxury, depending on the family and lover, there is also the word Den jang woman (된장녀 ,Denjangnyeo).
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  • 군화를 거꾸로 신다(After you have de..
  • 꽃미남(pin-up boy)
  • 실연(lost love)
  • 사실혼(commonlaw marriage)
  • 로즈데이(rose day)
  • 실버데이(silver day)
  • 예쁜이(cutie)
  • 교제(intercourse)
  • 와인데이(wine day)
  • 여자 친구(girl friend)
  • 인연(chance)
  • 밀회(assignation)
  • 허그데이(hug day)
  • 약혼자(fiance)
  • 프러포즈(propose)
  • 친권(parental right)
  • 미련(lingering attachment)
  • 처녀(virgin)
  • 정열(passion)
  • 예복(dress suit)
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