"men younger than friends than lovers" means "썸씽남" in Korean.

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Pronunciation ssŏm-ssing-nam
meaning men younger than friends than lovers
"men younger than friends than lovers" is "썸씽남"(ssŏm-ssing-nam) in Korean.
The 썸씽남 (Something nam), in the compound word of English as "썸씽 (something)" "남 (Man)", "Man of there is something going." That is a future likely to develop into a romantic relationship, likely there is edge of something male, meaning that. In the case of women 썸씽녀 and (Something nyeo) called.
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  • Korean of "Love, Marrage"

  • 유부녀(married woman)
  • 신랑(groom)
  • 바람피다(cheat on)
  • 사랑에 빠지다(fall in love)
  • 완소녀(Very important woman)
  • 동거녀(cohab)
  • 속박(bond)
  • 부케 던지기(bouquet toss)
  • 간통죄(adultery)
  • 보고 싶다(I miss you.)
  • 헤어지다(break up)
  • 축복(blessing)
  • 금혼식(golden wedding)
  • 혼담(hondam)
  • 성교()
  • 따도남(Warm and friendly man wh..
  • 청첩장(invitation card)
  • 위자료(consolation money)
  • 어장관리(Friendzone)
  • 약혼식(engagement ceremony)
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