"chicken and beer" means "치맥" in Korean.

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Pronunciation chi-maek
meaning chicken and beer
"chicken and beer" is "치맥"(chi-maek) in Korean.
Drinking a beer while eating chicken from the fact that very good compatibility, to fit the Chicken & Beer (Maekju) called "Chimaek (치맥)". In this case, the chicken is often used to refer to that of chicken fried in oil, and fried chicken to its kind, there is such as wearing a Yang nyeom chicken, garlic-based source of which was a seasoned with salty-sweet sauce. Generally to eat the other chicken dishes also with beer called "Chimaek (치맥)".However in the case of Samgyetang ( 삼계탕 ) such as soup dishes, it is not commonly referred to in this way. Of baked chicken in an electric oven roast (통닭 구이) appeared in the 1970s, in the 1980s came the fried chicken from the United States. Chicken baked with baked chicken and charcoal in electricity has also been a congenial fit in beer.
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  • 보양식(health food)
  • 식습관(eating habits)
  • 롯데리아(Lotteria)
  • 음식을 만들다(cook a dish)
  • 맛있어요(delicious)
  • 후식(dessert)
  • 식당가()
  • 집게(tongs)
  • 유기농식(organic food)
  • 치맥(chicken and beer)
  • 배달(delivery)
  • 식비(food expenses)
  • 아침밥(breakfast)
  • 아침식사(breakfast)
  • 간식(snack)
  • 잔(glass)
  • 안주(appetizer)
  • 와규(japanese beef)
  • 명물 요리(famous food)
  • 저녁 식사(dinner)
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