"person easy to be tried, just want to rest" means "귀차니스트" in Korean.

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Pronunciation kwi-cha-ni-sŭ-tŭ
meaning person easy to be tried, just want to rest
"person easy to be tried, just want to rest" is "귀차니스트"(kwi-cha-ni-sŭ-tŭ) in Korean.
The Gwi cha nist (귀차니스트), it means " person easy to be tried, just want to rest ".It is compound word of adjective "Gwichanda (귀찮다 / troublesome)", and the represents the meaning of "person of ~", English "percussionist (-ist)". Also, being tiresome is called as "귀차니즘 (Gwi cha nism)". In addition, using the word lazy" meaning "게으르다 ( Gaeuruda)there is also the word "게 으르 니스트 (Gae u ru nist / lazy)".
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