"Dried fish woman (dried fish woman)" means "건어물녀" in Korean.

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Pronunciation kŏ-nŏ-mul-lyŏ
meaning Dried fish woman (dried fish woman)
"Dried fish woman (dried fish woman)" is "건어물녀"(kŏ-nŏ-mul-lyŏ) in Korean.
Geon eo mul nyeo (건어물 녀 / dried fish woman) is a word that literally a new word in Japanese, that of dried fish woman. It's attractive woman to work with crunchy during the day time, but when she go home, it refers to a woman who eat the dry matter, such as dried squid to canned beer one hand. Words that were born from televised Japanese drama "Hotaru no Hikari" in 2007. "Hotaru no Hikari" was popular in Korea.
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  • 뽀뽀(smooch)
  • 연애(love)
  • 멋있다(stylish)
  • 고백(confession)
  • 사랑해(I love you.)
  • 처녀(virgin)
  • 이별(farewell)
  • 빼빼로데이(pepero day)
  • 내빈(guest)
  • 기념일(anniversary)
  • 연하남(younger men)
  • 허그데이(hug day)
  • 돌싱(Divorced man or woman)
  • 공처가(henpecked husband)
  • 국수를 먹다(I'll give the wedding..
  • 첫키스(first kiss)
  • 사랑공세()
  • 남친(boyfriend)
  • 사귀다(date)
  • 남자친구(boyfriend)
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