"I'm in a future likely to develop into a love situation" means "썸타다" in Korean.

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썸타다, 썸탄다
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Pronunciation ssŏm-ta-da
meaning I''m in a future likely to develop into a love situation
"I''m in a future likely to develop into a love situation" is "썸타다"(ssŏm-ta-da) in Korean.
It means that 썸 (Sseom) means "something”, and there is something likely, “now likely to develop in love" is a word that means. 타다 means "Go on". 썸타다, is now in the situation to be pounding that are likely to develop into love. Is a sweet feeling, such as enjoying less than lover more than a friend. Now that the likely women become something lover 썸씽녀 (Something nyeo), that of male 썸씽남(Something nam) called.
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  • 불륜(affair)
  • 미혼자(single person)
  • 꽃미남(pin-up boy)
  • 부케(bouquet)
  • 열애(passionate love)
  • 신혼(new marriage)
  • 부부(husband and wife)
  • 정열(passion)
  • 유부녀(married woman)
  • 멋있다(stylish)
  • 실연(lost love)
  • 아내(wife)
  • 약혼자(fiance)
  • 신데렐라(cinderella)
  • 신혼 생활(newly-married life)
  • 부자가정(motherless family)
  • 남자친구(boyfriend)
  • 보고 싶다(I miss you.)
  • 신랑(groom)
  • 첫키스(first kiss)
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