"Healing of man who looks can make your heart warm." means "훈남" in Korean.

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Pronunciation hun-nam
meaning Healing of man who looks can make your heart warm.
"Healing of man who looks can make your heart warm." is "훈남"(hun-nam) in Korean.
The Hun nam (훈남), is when the man who looks can make my mind warm. It is compound word of 훈훈한 (hunhunhan-warm) + 남자 (Namja-man) = 훈남. In the case of women, 훈훈한 (hunhunhan-warm) + 여자 (Yeoja-woman) = 훈녀 (Hun nyeo)
※ In words that are similar, there is a word Eoljjang (얼짱), Eoljjang, the expression an outer surface (mainly face) In words that means the handsome, beautiful man/woman
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