"selfie stick" means "셀카봉" in Korean.

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Pronunciation sel-ka-bong
meaning selfie stick
"selfie stick" is "셀카봉"(sel-ka-bong) in Korean.
셀카 봉 (Selfie stick) and, using the camera of the smartphone incidental, refers to a stick that is used to imprint the photographer themselves or photographer and their Friends. Attach the smartphone to the bar, lengthen the bars. 셀카 봉 (Selca bong) of Selca is an abbreviation of the Korean-made English 'self camera', the person to shoot or, to set the subject as crowded reflected peripheral person of the person, to take a picture.
셀카 (Selca) is mainly taking with stretched out arm, there is a certain limit to the angle and range that can be taken. Been developed in order to make up for it, it is seen to have been used. And type taking using the camera timer function, a type of imaging by using a wireless remote control shutter. In South Korea began to fashion from around the summer of 2014.
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