"Naomi group" means "나오미족" in Korean.

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Pronunciation na-o-mi-jok
meaning Naomi group
"Naomi group" is "나오미족"(na-o-mi-jok) in Korean.
나오미족 (Naomijok) of 나오미 (Naomi) is 'not old image', 족 is expressed in Chinese characters "family". That women who take action to keep the youth without feel is that the go aging in lifestyle and behavior, such as the 20s.Placing the care and force beauty own body, of course, not neglect the self-development, it is also focused on money management it for future. In the case of 40-50 Adult Women 나우족 and 루비족 that.
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  • 이케아 세대(IKEA generation)
  • 무관세(duty-free)
  • 자동판매기(vending machine)
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  • 가격 인상(price increase)
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  • 프렌차이즈(franchise)
  • 단골손님(regular customer)
  • 견본(specimen)
  • 지점장(branch manager)
  • 틈새 시장(niche market)
  • 특전(benefit)
  • 소비자(consumer)
  • 루비족(Ruby group)
  • 날개 돋친 듯이 팔리다(Sell like hot c..
  • 수출하다(export)
  • 자판기(vending machine)
  • 구매자(purchaser)
  • 코쿤족(Cocoon group)
  • 나오미족(Naomi group)
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