"Parasite Single" means "캥거루족" in Korean.

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Pronunciation kaeng-gŏ-ru-jok
meaning Parasite Single
Without employment in spite of the year to independence and after graduating from school in Korea, or even without independence and employment, the young people of 20-30 generations to live with parents relies on living expenses like kangaroo family. South Korea is also economical kangaroo family often living with parents in reason from married. In want independence also economically even structural aspects that cannot be due to severe. Economic conditions that part-time job not make a living just as well might word could from being reflected.
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  • Korean of "Neologism, Vogue"

  • 꽃중년(Flower middle-aged)
  • 먹방(Eating broadcast)
  • 불륜녀(immoral woman)
  • 앱테크(Financial Technology wit..
  • 고뤠(So?)
  • 그루밍족(Grooming group)
  • 치맥(chicken and beer)
  • 듣보잡(The thing that couldn't ..
  • 빤끈녀(Woman walking with short..
  • 얼리버드족(early bird)
  • 짤방(For deletion prevention)
  • 대세(General trend)
  • 슈퍼갑(Super instep, inequality..
  • 밀크남(Man of sweet mask)
  • 간지남(Man of good feeling)
  • 먹튀(Run away after eating.)
  • 야타족(Yata group)
  • 김떡순(Kimbab, Toppoki, Sundae)
  • 대박(Jackpot)
  • 디지털쿼터족(Teens to 30s generati..
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