"But her face" means "버터페이스" in Korean.

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Pronunciation pŏ-tŏ-pe-i-sŭ
meaning But her face
"But her face" is "버터페이스"(pŏ-tŏ-pe-i-sŭ) in Korean.
It literally means Butter Face while it’s real meaning is "but her face". It refers to the woman whose education and academic background ( 학벌 /specs) and pedigree ( 집안 ) is high, fashion sense, in spite of the good personality, but only the face is ugly. South Korea at the time of employment and marriage, overly emphasize the appearance "appearance supremacist ( Oe mo ji sang ju e) ", but who perform cosmetic surgery is said to often, but of course many people prefer natural face.
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