"man has a Concept, a man with a common sense." means "개념남" in Korean.

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Pronunciation kae-nyŏm-nam
meaning man has a Concept, a man with a common sense.
" a man with a Common sense " is called as 개념남 (Gae-Nyeom nam) in Korean.
개념남 (Gae-Nyeom nam, concept man) and, in the sense of "concept a man, common sense a man", entertainers, etc. Regarding political and social issues, reveal personal subjectivity in public, speak outam his opinion, no matter where, so-called 소신남 (Soshinnam), 개념남 (GaeNyeomnam) is popular. Korean drama, sometimes stocked up professional insight and firm idea of "GaeNyeomnam" has suddenly emerged in the new trend of drama.
Is not only the entertainment industry, now is used a wide range of genres.
When you issue a decent opinion in person of the opposite position, it is praised as 개념 남 Gaenyeomnam. For women it is used as 개념녀 (Gaenyeomnyeo).
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