"Natural beauty" means "모태 미녀" in Korean.

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모태 미녀
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Pronunciation mo-tae mi-nyŏ
meaning Natural beauty
"Natural beauty" is "모태 미녀"(mo-tae mi-nyŏ) in Korean.
It is not subjected to cosmetic surgery, but born to have the natural beauty. Most of Korean celebrities and idols are applying plastic surgery on their face. It is also comparing word of plastic face and natural face. It is compound neologism word of 모태, which means from the time in the mother’s womb (모태), and 미녀(beautiful woman). For natural handsome man refers to "모태미남(Mote minam)". The word 모태 is also applicable at the word 모태솔로 (Mote solo) which means those who do not have the lover even once from birth.
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