"selfie" means "셀카" in Korean.

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Pronunciation sel-ka
meaning selfie
"selfie" is "셀카"(sel-ka) in Korean.
The Sel ca (셀카), it stands for Korean-made English 'self camera'. Mainly taking picture of own face with camara. Is mainly taken by using the smart phone camera, or send it to a friend, and enjoy or published on their SNS. Some people are processing a photograph by retouching with software or applications. From a wide angle during shooting, for as much as possible taking a wide variety of pictures and we use Selca Bong ( Selca bars auxiliary stick).
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Korean(Pronunciation) Meaning
셀카봉(jidori-bou), セルカ棒(seruka-bou), セルフィースティック(serufui-suteikku) selfie stick
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