"Dislocation woman." means "탈골녀" in Korean.

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Pronunciation tal-gol-lyŏ
meaning Dislocation woman.
"Dislocation woman." is "탈골녀"(tal-gol-lyŏ) in Korean.
The Tal gol nyeo (탈골녀), when literally it means the "dislocation woman". Among the accusations the video for the campsite of manners of television news, women drinking, became from that song you sang loudly was interesting unique to topic in between the Internet user (netizens) words. There is no particular meaning to the word itself. South Korea's leading television station of August 5, 2013, among the program dealing with have been camping manners broadcast on SBS news, video that was accused by shooting the bad manners of the campsite female customers has been shed . That among women drinking in, he added at the end of the lyrics of the singing was Oggechum (어깨춤) Korean traditional dance called the "not a have to look at my shoulder! Hey dislocated". The video is up on the Internet, the humor becomes a hot topic, it was called "Tal gol nyeo (dislocation woman)."
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