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Social Issues
Social Issues and current affairs
Korean Pronunciation Meaning
사대악 sa-dae-ak
도가니법 to-ga-ni-ppŏp
졸업빵 cho-rŏpp-pang
학력 사회 hang-nyŏk-ssa-hoe academic career-based society
왕따 wang-tta bullying
종군 위안부 chong-gun-wi-an-bu comfort women
부정부패 pu-jŏng-bu-pae corruption
학대 hak-ttae cruelty
큐레이슈머 kyu-re-i-syu-mŏ Curasumer
저출산 chŏ-chul-ssan declining birth rates
여풍당당 yŏ-pung-dang-dang Dignified woman style
차별 cha-byeol discrimination
탈골녀 tal-gol-lyŏ Dislocation woman.
인종 in-jong ethnic group
기아 ki-a famine
비리 pi-ri injustice
코피노 ko-pi-no kopino
삼포세대 sam-po-se-dae Love, marriage, expressed the social situation of the modern to abandon the birth words
부카니스탄 pu-ka-ni-sŭ-tan North Korea's derogatory term
열정 페이 yŏl-tchŏng-pe-i Passion Pay
공시족 kong-shi-jok People prepare the various civil service test
일베충 il-be-chung People who are active in the community site
양극화 yang-gŭ-kwa polarization
달동네 tal-ttong-ne poor hillside village
고령화 ko-ryŏng-hwa population aging
문제 mun-je problem
인종 차별 in-jong cha-byŏl racial discrimination
풍자 pung-ja satire
쉐어슈머 swe-ŏ-syu-mŏ Sharesumer
사회 sa-hoe society
과제 kwa-je task
타조 세대 ta-jo-se-dae That of generations to turn away your eyes from reality towards old age does not nothing measures
NG족 エンジジョク That those who delay the graduation of college until they can be employed.
신상 털기 Sin sang teol gi To flow out personal information such as examined by SNS and net search.
학파라치 hak-pa-ra-chi To report the misconduct of cram school and private education institutions
빈곤층 pin-gon-chŭng underclasses
여풍 yŏ-pung Woman style
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