"Passion Pay" means "열정페이" in Korean.

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Pronunciation yŏl-tchŏng-pe-i
meaning Passion Pay
"Passion Pay" is "열정페이"(yŏl-tchŏng-pe-i) in Korean.
It is a compound word of 열정(passion) + 페이 (pay)". Word is using in a situation such as companies and public organizations unpaid under the pretext of consideration of giving experience and such as less than the minimum wage, and refers to the act of exploitation to the youth. Or claiming to provide a field capitalize the passion and ability, actually it is alluding to definitive agreement and employee recruitment. Despite to feel that there is no, it is often to apply in recruitment.
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  • work, careers
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  • Korean of "work, careers"

  • 중도 채용(mid-career recruit)
  • 서류 전형(document screening pro..
  • 좌천(relegation)
  • 취업난(jobs crunch)
  • 자기 계발(self-improvement)
  • 응모(application)
  • 경험자(experienced person)
  • 연봉제(annual salary scheme)
  • 증명사진(identification picture)
  • 토익(TOEIC)
  • 복직(reinstatement)
  • 실업(unemployment)
  • 취직 활동(job hunting)
  • 구인 모집(recruitment)
  • 경력자(experienced person)
  • 이직(turnover)
  • 청년 실업률(youth unemployment ra..
  • 전직(job change)
  • 이력서(resume)
  • 신졸 채용(graduate recruitment)
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