"shuffle dance" means "셔플 댄스" in Korean.

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셔플 댄스
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Pronunciation syŏ-pŭl taen-sŭ
meaning shuffle dance
"shuffle dance" is "셔플 댄스"(syŏ-pŭl taen-sŭ) in Korean.
The dance that dance by moving your feet quickly little by little. Dance that went among the craze song of American electro hop duo LMFAO "Party Rock Anthem" has also spread to the K-POP and spread worldwide, especially in South Korea. In addition to (장근석)Jang Keun Seok showed off in talk show, is also known by artists such as 2PM and KARA danced. It was popular in the nightclubs like in Hongdae (홍대) in South Korean to the young people.
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