"Eating broadcast" means "먹방" in Korean.

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먹방, 먹는 방송
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Pronunciation mŏk-ppang
meaning Eating broadcast
"Eating broadcast" is "먹방"(mŏk-ppang) in Korean.
The Meok bang (먹방), is abbreviation of 먹는 방송 (eat broadcasting). Meok bang (먹방), it is not an exaggeration to say that, this word is made for actor Ha Jung-woo. Audience who saw the movie "Bad guys" was ordered sweet and sour pork and cream bread immediately out of the theater. It's because of Ha Jung-woo. Ha Jung-woo is beautifully and doing the acting to eat in this work, and created this word, and he is called legend of Meok bang in world. Recently it has been used in various places. And also the star who eats food well in various program is called as 먹방스타(Meok bang Star)
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Korean(Pronunciation) Meaning
먹방 스타 Star who eats look deliciously.
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