"Samsung Electronics joined test" means "삼성고시" in Korean.

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Pronunciation sam-sŏng-go-shi
meaning Samsung Electronics joined test
"Samsung Electronics joined test" is "삼성고시"(sam-sŏng-go-shi) in Korean.
It is the very difficult and popular test in Korea. 고시 means that (Examination). Typically, Sabeob Gosi(사법고시/Judicial Examination), Haengjeong Gosi (행정고시/administrative Examination), Oemu Gosi (외무고시/Foreign Examination), Eonlon Gosi , etc. (언론고시/speech Examination). Samsung Electronics the NO.1 company in Korea. The number of people joining test exam Samsung Electronics ( 삼성전자 ) duties aptitude test (SSAT) is every year about 100 000 people. Passing is very difficult, so it has been called 삼성 고시.
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