"Parents/family of husband" means "시월드" in Korean.

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Pronunciation shi-wŏl-dŭ
meaning Parents/family of husband
Siworld (시월드) that the "husband’s home of family" and. The mother of husband is Sieomeoni (시어머니/Mother-in-law), father-in-law is Siabeoji (시아버지). So, it take the word "시 (-in-law)" and synthetic language wearing a "월드 (World)" in English. This word came from Kim Naju, Yun Jun Sang starring drama, became a hot topic among the "windfall you (넝쿨 째 굴러 온 당신 / Neong kul che gul reo on dang sin)". Is also this word is used in the bulletin board of the women gather the Internet. It had been common sense because sometimes the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law becomes problem.
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