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한드 han-dŭ
원전 wŏn-jŏn abbreviation of a nuclear power station
호빠 ho-ppa Abbreviation of host bar
해외직구 hae-oe-jik-kku Be purchased by ordering directly from the overseas site
절친 chŏl-chin Best Friend
베프 pe-pŭ Best Friend
탈골녀 tal-gol-lyŏ Dislocation woman.
먹방 mŏk-ppang Eating broadcast
불펌 pul-pŏm Illegal copy
볼매 pol-mae Looks more attractive as I see you
신몰남 shin-mol-lam Man chosen by God
엄친딸 ŏm-chin-ttal Meaning of mom’s friends’ daughter
셀카 sel-ka selfie
왤케 wael-ke Stands for 왜 이렇게 (why so)
운도녀 un-do-nyŏ Urban woman who wear sneakers
자판기 cha-pan-gi vending machine
꿀잼 kkul-jaem Very Fun
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