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행정 haeng-jŏng administration
행정 명령 haeng-jŏng-myŏng-nyŏng administrative order
체납 che-nap arrears
기강 ki-gang discipline
공직 기강 kong-jik kki-gang discipline among government officials
세무소 se-mu-so district tax office
재정 chae-jŏng finance
정부 chŏng-bu government
장관 chang-gwan minister
지자체 chi-ja-ch'e municipality
국가안전기획부 kuk-kka an-jŏn ki-hoek-ppu National Security Planning Agency
행정사 haeng-jŏng-sa notary public
기구 ki-gu organization
행정학 haeng-jŏng-hak public administration
공직 kong-jik public office
인적 쇄신 in-tchŏk-sswae-shin renewal of personnel
세입 se-ip revenue
ŭp town
채결 chae-gyŏl vote
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