"Slang to mean the best, young words" means "짱" in Korean.

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Pronunciation tchang
meaning Slang to mean the best, young words
Jjang (짱) is young word that means "very, amazing, best". In negative sense, it is also used in positive sense. Is sometimes used adjectivally and adverbial, but is also used to mean "very good in that person ~" for after nouns. Example) Jjang e da (짱 이다) "!! That is amazing,"Jjang joa (짱 좋아) "very good;I really like it " example) Momjjang (몸짱): Body Type, very good style, fit body Eoljjang (얼짱): face be so beautiful, and its people
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Korean(Pronunciation) Meaning
하다(jyoubu-da), がっしりした(gasshiri-shita) sturdy
시룸, めっちゃ嫌い Really hate
Negligence, one-on-one game
(oru-chan) the best in cute face
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