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International relations
International relations
Korean Pronunciation Meaning
중공 chung-gong Chinese Communist Party
외교 oe-gyo diplomacy
에스닉 e-sŭ-nik ethnic
외국 oe-guk foreign country
대외정책 tae-oe-jŏng-chaek foreign policy
국제적 kuk-tche-jŏk international
국제분쟁 kuk-tche-bun-jaeng international dispute
국제법 kuk-tche-ppŏp international law
국제통화기금 kuk-tche-tong-hwa-gi-gŭm International Monetary Fund (IMF)
국제기구 kuk-tche-gi-gu international organization
국제사회 kuk-tche sa-hoe international society
일본 대사관 il-bon-dae-sa-gwan Japanese Embassy
다국적 ta-guk-tchŏk multinational
귀화 kwi-hwa naturalization
이웃 나라 i-un-na-ra neighboring
평화 pyŏng-hwa peace
약소국 yak-sso-guk small nation
정상회담 chŏng-sang-hoe-dam summit
강대국 kang-dae-guk superpower
국제연맹 kuk-tche yŏn-maeng the League of Nations
조약 cho-yak treaty
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