"Interest finalizer" means "관심종결자" in Korean.

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Pronunciation kwan-shim-jong-gyŏl-tcha
meaning Interest finalizer
"Interest finalizer" is "관심종결자"(kwan-shim-jong-gyŏl-tcha) in Korean.
"Interest finalizer (Gwan shim jong gyeol ja)" is called as 관심종결자 that (Gwan shim jong gyeol ja) in Korea. 관심(Gwanshim) is " interest ", 종결자(Jong-gyeol Ja ) is "finalizer", and 종결자 (finalizer) is a term for a person who has reached the "ultimate level in certain areas.”Someone wanted to ask interested from people,so he/she is doing exaggerated action to make the people focus on him/her. For short 관종 (Gwan jong, vertebrate), also can be likened to a disease that people who take these actions 관심 병(interest disease).
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