"Stands for (정신 줄 을 놓다 /Jeongsin juleol nota). Care is missing to be a dazed." means "정줄놓" in Korean.

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Pronunciation chŏng-jul-lot
meaning Stands for (정신 줄 을 놓다 /Jeongsin juleol nota). Care is missing to be a dazed.
Jeong jul no (정줄놓) is the abbreviation of "정신줄을 놓다 (Jeongsinhuleol nota)". The literal meaning is "release the string of spirit ". You can daze by or missing mind, words to use when you want to or fallen into stargazing state. Antonym is "정신줄을 잡다 (jeong sin jul eol jap da / hold the string of spirit)", and firmly to the consciousness, that meaning.
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