"Mixed soju and beer Liquor." means "소맥" in Korean.

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Pronunciation so-maek
meaning Mixed soju and beer Liquor.
"Mixed soju and beer Liquor." is "소맥"(so-maek) in Korean.
In alcohol to drink by mixing soju and beer, it stands for acronym of "Soju (소주, Soju)" and "Beer (맥주, Maek ju)". It is also called as a kind of bomb liquor. Mainly in dinner (회식, Hwei sik) with such as the company or entertainment, , but are often given to have punishment in the game. Some people drink in favor of this. Obtained the coolness and fizz of beer with soju, it is also possible to obtain a higher stimulation of alcohol than beer as it drink. SoMaek cup (소맥잔, 쏘맥잔),has the rate in the cup 5: 5,3: 7 such as the ratio which can make the best favor of the drink with printed lines in the cup. The ideal proportion of beer and Soju is called as "golden ratio (황금 비율, Hwang gum bi yul)", in addition it is being featured in a blog, etc., also had appeared the application for smartphones. In the survey in 2010 (설문지/seol mun ji), it went to target 1,860 people Internet user "폭탄주 (Pok tan ju)", who answer the percentage of soju and beer is best with 3: 7, accounted for 69.1%. In addition, 3 in SoMaek dedicated Cup is indicating the “Golden ratio” of the SoMaek
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