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성형돌 sŏng-hyŏng-dol
백상예술대상 paek-ssang-ye-sul-dae-sang
스포테이너 sŭ-po-tei-nŏ
한드 han-dŭ
뿌잉뿌잉 ppu-ing-ppu-ing Act charming with two grasped fists beside cheeks.
고나리질 ko-na-ri-jil Act to intervene excessively to try to raise the evaluation of favorite entertainers.
남우 na-mu actor
공항패션 kong-hang-pae-syŏn Airport Fashion
짐승돌 chim-sŭng-dol Beast idol of strong feeling and powerful to show on stage.
닥본사 tak-ppon-sa Catch the premiere, I see a production always
먹방 mŏk-ppang Eating broadcast
연예 기획사 yŏ-nye-gi-hoek-ssa entertainment office
극성팬 kŭp-ssŏng-paen Extreme fan
paen fan
팬클럽 paen-keul-leop fan club
사생팬 sa-saeng-paen Fans who chase the private life of the entertainer
하차 ha-cha get off
빠돌이 ppa-do-ri Man who chase the idols
멘토 mento Mentor
대세돌 tae-se-dol Most popular idol now
파파라치 pa-pa-ra-chi paparazzo
열애 yŏ-rae passionate love
인기 in-kki popularity
초상권 cho-sang-kkwŏn portrait rights
미존 mi-jon Presence is tremendous
스카우트 sŭ-ka-u-t scout
연속극 yŏn-sok-kkŭk soap opera
무대에 서다 stage
먹방 스타 mŏk-ppang sŭ-'a Star who eats look deliciously.
주연상 chu-yŏn-sang starring award
빠순이 ppa-su-ni Teenage girls to the chase of the star
유부돌 yu-bu-dol The celebrity, especially idol who got marriage.
빤끈녀 ppan-kkŭn-nyŏ Woman walking with short pants
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