"You only need to say the determined answer" means "답정너" in Korean.

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Pronunciation tap-tchŏng-nŏ
meaning You only need to say the determined answer
"You only need to say the determined answer" is "답정너"(tap-tchŏng-nŏ) in Korean.
답정너 (Dap jeong nyeo) is abbreviation of, "답은 정해져 있고 너는 대답만 하면 돼 (Dap un jeong hae jeo it go neo nun dae dap man ha myeon de). Means "You only need to say the determined answer". When you are having a conversation, you induce the people who are talking with you to say the word.

There is a "Dap jeong nyeo (답정녀)" as a derived type. nyeo (녀 / woman) means "woman", 너 (Bruno / you) what the sound is turned off. The wamoan who tried to say the answer is called as it. Furthermore 답(Dap / answer) can change like "밥 (Bab / rice)", there is also the word "밥정너 (Bab jeong neo)". In this case, it is the sense of "Rice is prepared, you only need to eat”
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