"the best in cute face" means "얼짱" in Korean.

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Pronunciation ŏl-tchang
meaning the best in cute face
"the best in cute face" is "얼짱"(ŏl-tchang) in Korean.
Eoljjang , means "the best in cute face". In South Korea, for the first time appeared in terminology in 2001. It is compound word of face ( Eolgul/얼굴) and "짱" which means the best . In words became prevalent in South Korea to around 2003, It was the top among the buzzword search term ranking of leading portal site. Ulzzang is not a celebrity, but it is face that is better than the other people. There is also the Internet site of Eoljjang site, some people became celebrities through this site. In connection with the Eoljjang, Eoljjang makeup (얼짱메이크업) and Ulzzang Fashion (얼짱패션). In Eoljjang, the people who were popular will exist, such as the Net idol called "famous Eoljjang (유명 얼짱)".
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