"The green light" means "그린라이트" in Korean.

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Pronunciation kŭ-ril-la-i-tŭ
meaning The green light
"The green light" is "그린라이트"(kŭ-ril-la-i-tŭ) in Korean.
"Green Light" is called as 그린라이트 in Korean meaning that Green Signal. Variety show in 2013 "witch hunt (마녀사냥)" in (JTBC), when the moderator is subject to consultation of love, it is determined whether or not there is expected to be the love, if it is likely to go well green signal is turned on, otherwise it has been set to switch off. That from that 그린라이트 (green light) came to be used as a means "state in which there is expected to be fulfilled is love, well go state".
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