"Who does blindly patriotic behavior" means "국뽕" in Korean.

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Pronunciation kuk-ppong
meaning Who does blindly patriotic behavior
"Who does blindly patriotic behavior" is "국뽕"(kuk-ppong) in Korean.
"Person who does blindly patriotic behavior" is called as 국뽕 (Guk bbong) in Korea.
Refers to person who does blindly patriotic behavior. That 국뽕 (Guk bbong). It’s abbreviation compound of 국 (country) + 히로뽕 (Hiropon). Because of such anti-Japanese and North Korean problem in Korea, there is a tendency that education to have a strong patriotism is performed. For example, emotional feeling that the patriotic applies in international competitions in sports, or the aggressive publicity for players of other countries, people like to praise the Korean players while they discriminate the opposite players.
In addition or claims that a particular culture is originated in their own country, people that the behavior, such as overly emphasize the excellence of Korea are also included. In recent years it is used in the sense of irony for such people. On the contrary, Ilppong is, 일본 (Japan, Irubon) + 히로뽕 a synthetic language (Hiropon, a kind of drug), refers to a human that has been poisoning in Japan. In such historical issues, are beginning to catch fire in Irupon phenomena such as believe in Japan than Korea's claim. This kind of behavior should settle as soon as it can.
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