"Woman who are having tough sense about money" means "간장녀" in Korean.

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Pronunciation kan-jang-nyŏ
meaning Woman who are having tough sense about money
"Woman who are having tough sense about money" is "간장녀"(kan-jang-nyŏ) in Korean.
The literal meaning of Gan-Jang nyeo (간장녀) is "soy sauce woman". Referred to in this way; tough sense of money women. Use the coupon or buy cheaper goods, there is a tendency to focus on content and quality than the visual. Gan-Jang(간장) means "saos sauce" which is “salty”, "JJada ( word 짜다 ) " it has meaning like " stingy ", is a born words over the saltiness of the soy sauce. On the other hand, utilizing the economic strength of the parent or lover, having luxury life which is not fit to his/her own identification is called as 된장녀 (Ten-Jang Nyeo).
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