"That you put the vanity in order to wear dressed" means "폼생폼사" in Korean.

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Pronunciation pom sang pom sa
meaning That you put the vanity in order to wear dressed
"That you put the vanity in order to wear dressed" is "폼생폼사"(pom sang pom sa) in Korean.
폼생폼사 is abbreviation of "폼에 살고, 폼에 죽는다". 폼 English of Form (form). "Form students, form death", or "to live on the form, to die form" and say representation. It refers to that tension the vanity to give looking. You can stick to fashionable even if there is no money, it's a word irony say that you can buy a good tool even without the ability, but recently it is used when you stick to fashionable.
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