"Teenage girls to the chase of the star" means "빠순이" in Korean.

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Pronunciation ppa-su-ni
meaning Teenage girls to the chase of the star
"Teenage girls to the chase of the star" is "빠순이"(ppa-su-ni) in Korean.
빠순이, the compound word of 오빠 (older brother) and 순이 (Frequently asked name of girl). The chase fan of star of teen to girls called 빠순이 (bba sun e). In recent years, take the bad behavior of manners past enthusiastic 극성팬.Teens 빠순이 (bba sun e), 20s 누나팬 (Nunapan, sister fan), 30-40 generations 이모팬 (Imopan) or 아줌마팬 (Ajumma pan) called as above all.
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