"Army Burger" means "군대리아" in Korean.

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Pronunciation kun-dae-ri-a
meaning Army Burger
"Army Burger" is "군대리아"(kun-dae-ri-a) in Korean.
The hamburger provided in Army. It combined with Gundae (army) and 롯데리아(Lotteria). It made with Some of bread for hamburger, was sandwiched with patty, cheese, mashed potatoes, and the like chopped vegetables, and eat it with ketchup. It becomes memorable food for men who finished the military service.
*Korean men should go to Army when they become the exact age to enter and stay for almost 3 years, but there are some cases that man doesn’t need to go. That’s why some people are having problem with army because they make fake reasons to not to go.
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