"Irony and express HYUNDAIi car and KIA cars" means "흉기차" in Korean.

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Pronunciation hyung-gi-cha
meaning Irony and express HYUNDAIi car and KIA cars
"Irony and express HYUNDAIi car and KIA cars" is "흉기차"(hyung-gi-cha) in Korean.
현대 자동차 (HYUNDAI, Hyundai Motor) and 기아 자동차 (KIA, KIA Motor) is the two major automobile manufacturers in South Korea. 현대 자동차 (Hyundai) is getting to relate companies acquired (Kia), will be referred to collectively both companies and called as 현기차 and (Hyeongicha). In recent years, increased imports of cars of high quality foreign brands, 현기차 services and performance is to be relatively low, it is called to sardonically 흉기차 (Hyungicha, weapon vehicles) there.
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