"Duck" means "봉" in Korean.

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Pronunciation pong
meaning Duck
"Duck" is "봉"(pong) in Korean.
It means duck.
Related words
Korean(Pronunciation) Meaning
건주의(houken-shugi) feudalism
평행(heikobo) parallel bars
Best, very good
셀카(jidori-bou), セルカ棒(seruka-bou), セルフィースティック(serufui-suteikku) selfie stick
모란(moran-bon) Mt.Moranbong
우리(mine) peak
사하다(hoshi-suru) serve
쓰레기투(gomi-bukuro) garbage bag
사(borantia), 奉仕(hoshi) service
비닐투(biniru-bukuro), 買い物袋, レジ袋 plastic bag
(tetsubo) horizontal bar
(douhu) enclose
한라(saishu-mikan) Jeju orange
오리(tsubomi) bud
낚싯(omori), おもり, 錘 sinker
(menbou) cotton swab
, 封切, 公開 release the new film
자원사자(boran-tia) volunteer
쓰레기투(gomi-bako) garbage bag
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