"Muscles vine, pull, and is intrigued, I want to eat" means "땡기다" in Korean.

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Pronunciation ttaeng-gi-da
meaning Muscles vine, pull, and is intrigued, I want to eat
ddangida (땡기다) is the meaning of "(muscles) vine", "pull" in the sense of '땅기다 (ddangida)' and the meaning of "heart run over", "intrigued by" 당기다 (dangida). Sense that is being used as means of 당기다 (dangida) especially among the young people, "(something) Want" in the sense of, "I want to eat".
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  • 닭대가리(Memory is bad, fool)
  • 담탱이(Homeroom teacher)
  • 짜증나다(I am annoyed.)
  • 땡처리(Many things to sell with..
  • 돌겠다(Going crazy)
  • 왕초보(Absolute beginner)
  • 딴지(를) 걸다(Put the accusation)
  • 노가다(construction worker)
  • 멍때리다(bots)
  • 김천(Stands for major Korean f..
  • 개판이다(disorder)
  • 뒷북(을) 치다(Make a big waste at..
  • 꼬장부리다(Be selfish act by drin..
  • 고딩(Slang of high school stud..
  • 배째(Sue me)
  • 당근이지(Of course)
  • 커밍아웃(coming out)
  • 깜짝쇼(Surprised show)
  • 범생이(Geek)
  • 꿀잼(Very Fun)
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