"the" means "그" in Korean.

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meaning the
"the" is "그"(kŭ) in Korean.
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Korean(Pronunciation) Meaning
회사를 만두다(kaisha-wo-yameru)
레고어 멘델(men-deru), グレゴール・メンデル, グレゴール・ヨハン・メンデル Gregor Johann Mendel
럴 리가 없다(sonna-hazu-ga-nai) There's no way
러움(kan-dai-da) generosity
나만 런가 Might think everyone so, probably funny.
린라이트 The green light
스티븐 스필버 Steven Allan Spielberg
루밍족 Grooming group
비아라(bai-agu-ra) viagra
티잉 라운드(ti-guraundo) teeing ground
린(gurin) green
들만의 리 Way of selfish population
내 말이 말이다, その通りだ Oh yeah, as the
얼굴에 늘이 지다, 陰になる, 性格などが暗い It's full of worry, which is in shadow
슬리다(hide-abu-ru), 焼ける, 軽く焼く broil
렇고 말고 간에, どにかく Or may not be so, anyway
러고 보니까, そういえば Why don’t you think so, if you look so.
햄버(hambagu) hamburg steak
럴 것이다 It also should be
림의 떡, 高嶺の花 Pie in the sky
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