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four-character Idioms
four-character Idioms
Korean Pronunciation Meaning
십상팔구 ship-ssang-pal-gu
천군만마 chŏn-gun-man-ma a thousand troops supporting
고집불통 ko-jip-ppul-tong as obstinate as a mule
자포자기 cha-po-ja-gi desperate
육하원칙 yu-ka-wŏn-chik five W's and one H
불가항력 bul-ga-hang-nyeok irresistible force
영구 결번 yŏng-gu gyŏl-bŏn retired number
자업자득 cha-ŏp-tcha-dŭk Self do, self have
시행착오 si-haeng-cha-go trial-and-error
애매모호 ae-mae-mo-ho vague
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Idiom Collocation
Frequent using four-character Idioms
Proverb Imitative word
Onomatopoeia Sound of animals
Noun Conjunction
Adverb Particle
Interjection Verb
Adjective Symbol
Interrogative Demonstrative
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