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Korean Pronunciation Meaning
아무 a-mu anyone
소인 so-in child
이리 i-ri come here
여기 yŏ-gi here
chŏ I
그것 kŭ-gŏt that
저것 chŏ-gŏt that
chŏ that
저분 chŏ-bun that man
저곳 chŏ-got there
그곳 kŭ-got there
거기 kŏ-gi there
이것 i-gŏt this
저희 chŏ-hi we
무엇 mu-ŏt what
언제 ŏn-je when
어디 ŏ-di where
누구 nu-gu who
당신 tang-sin you
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Idiom Collocation
Frequent using four-character Idioms
Proverb Imitative word
Onomatopoeia Sound of animals
Noun Conjunction
Adverb Particle
Interjection Verb
Adjective Symbol
Interrogative Demonstrative
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