"Eating a raw, that it produce results without trouble" means "날로 먹다" in Korean.

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날로 먹다
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Pronunciation nal-lo mŏk-tta
meaning Eating a raw, that it produce results without trouble
It literally means, eating it raw. It means that you eat it without cooking. Words to use in a negative connotation that it produce results without having to struggle and effort.
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  • 토(를) 달다(supply the particle)
  • 가진 게 없다(Poor, have nothing)
  • 강남 갔던 제비가 돌아오다(Coming of spr..
  • 기분을 달래다(I drown mood)
  • 귀를 파다(make the ear cleaning)
  • 낯(이) 설다(There is no acquaint..
  • 기지개를 켜다(To the growth, and e..
  • 긴장을 풀다(relax)
  • 난다 긴다 하다(It is by far, it is..
  • 귀에 못이 박히다(It means you heard..
  • 속(이) 상하다(obnoxious)
  • 날개없는 추락(Crash with no wings,..
  • 마음을 고치다(mend one's way)
  • 가시밭길을 가다(I send a steep life..
  • 높이 사다(appreciate)
  • 가슴이 뭉클하다(Inspiring)
  • 입이 무겁다(close one's mouth)
  • 가슴을 열다(It open my heart)
  • 만에 하나(by any possibility)
  • 귀를 의심하다(doubt the ear)
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