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열매 yŏl-mae
농업 nong-ŏp agriculture
경작 kyŏng-jak cultivation
이모작 i-mo-jak double cropping
농부 nong-bu farmer
농지 nong-ji farmland
농경지 nong-gyŏng-ji farmland
pat field
논밭 non-bat fields
과일 kwa-il fruits
온실 on-shil greenhouse
비료 pi-ryo manure
과수원 kwa-su-wŏn orchard
목초지 mok-cho-ji pasture
벼농사 pyŏ-nong-sa rice cultivation
논농사 non-nong-sa rice farming
종자 chong-ja seed
sap shovel
도축장 to-chuk-tchang slaughterhouse
물뿌리개 mul-ppu-ri-gae watering can
수확고 su-hwak-kko yield
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